Hello, my name is Desiree. I am a Mainer, although I still pronounce my R’s. I enjoy the natural beauty in my state including our most beautiful foliage, and our gorgeous coastlines! Visiting the ocean brings me a sense of peace like nothing else does.

Purple Hair

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I have an amazing husband, Steve, who I wouldn’t trade for the world! We’ve been married for over 8 years (which sounds like a lot but feels like so little with him). We were fortunate to find each other when we were young. We were only 23 when we started our adventure together. We have 2 awesome matching dogs. Gizmo is a chow chow and Gremlin is a pekingese.

Gremlin is the little one, and Gizmo is the big fluff!

I teach Psychology and Sociology.  I love animals and hand-raised a beautiful baby deer who I also named Baby.  Sometimes, I find it difficult to live in the moment, but each day, I am working towards doing just that. I always do my best to treat everyone I meet with kindness, and the utmost dignity and respect. I have a huge heart and sometimes that makes things a bit challenging.


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