Letting Go of Grumps and Making Positives Instead

This morning, my loving fluff of a chow chow woke me out of a dead sleep not once, but twice. I was frustrated. Both times, I could’ve slept longer and peacefully uninterrupted if it wasn’t for her alarming “AWOOOWOOOWOOOWOOOOFFF!!!”

Rather than being grumpy about it or yelling at the dog… I chose to relax knowing that if it had been an intruder, my faithful companion had my back. For that, I am thankful!

Gizmo is super soft and cuddly. She is good company when my husband is gone, and still, when he is here. Most of the time when I look at her and she sees me looking at her, she wags her tail and smiles at me.

I’ve never seen a dog that really smiles like she does. Like seriously, I think my dog has duchesne smiles. Her little ears move and her eyes squint (there’s probably wrinkles and creases at the corners of her eyes under all of that fluff).

Gizmo Happy

I think she looks happy in this pic (but this is not one of her smiles, I will have to capture some of them at some point).


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