My Dogs are Wild about Wyldlife Bully Sticks and Beef Tendons

I’m not sure who was more excited about these Wyldlife Bully Sticks & Beef Tendons Combo Pack, me or my dogs. Upon further thought, I might have to say my Pekingese, Gremlin, actually was the most excited. When I started opening the box, it was hard to tell he is a senior dog. He stood up and sat on his back legs patiently while I finished opening the dogs and package to give him a bully stick.

Gremlin begging for bully

He and my Chow, Gizmo, each happily chewed away on a bully stick. Despite chewing vigorously on them for about an hour, most of the sticks still remained.
The sticks had a slight smell, which was just noticeable when taking them out of the package.

gremlin sniffing beef tendon

The Beef Tendons smelled a little like pork rinds. I gave a beef tendon to Gremlin and Gizmo. Gizmo took it and just laid it next to her (she takes a little while to warm up to new foods and treats at times). Gremlin chewed away and ate his beef tendon as quickly as he could get it down which took him about an hour. It might’ve been a little much for his digestive track, so next time, I would probably take it away after he ate about half.

When visiting family, we also shared the bully sticks with the family dogs (a lab and boxer). They loved them as well, the boxer chewed on it and strutted around the house with it proudly. The lab laid down and chewed like crazy; she was able to destroy a bully stick in about 10 to 15 minutes (she is a vigorous chewer and destroys even guaranteed indestructible toys…)

I felt good about feeding these all natural pet chews to my dogs, and they all were very pleased with them. I also liked that they were a long-lasting, one-size-fits-all treat for the dogs. I also like that they are made from animal parts that otherwise would be wasted. For these reasons, I would highly recommend Wyldlife Bully Sticks and Beef Tendons!

Disclaimer: I received the Wyldlife Bully Sticks and Beef Tendons combo pack at a discount in exchange for my honest, and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. I did not receive any other compensation.


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