Crab Rangoons #Yum

Last night, I made crab rangoons for the first time. I was so happy that they came out so delicious! Most of them were more picturesque, but I didn’t get a chance to take a pic before they were scarfed up (the last few had a little cream cheese leak out but they tasted just as good). A friend asked if I’d share the recipe so I thought I’d post it here too.

I made homemade crab rangoons for the first time. #yummy #cooking #chinesefood

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Crab Rangoon Recipe

 Makes About 16 | Prep Time: 15 Minutes | Cook Time: About 5 Minutes


1 brick (8 oz) Kraft Philadelphia Regular Cream Cheese, softened
4 crab sticks finely diced (imitation crab meat or real if you prefer)
2 tablespoon powdered sugar
Pinch of salt
Dash of Worcestireshire Sauce
Green Onions finely diced or Dash of Onion Powder
Wonton Wrappers
Oil, for deep frying


Mix the cream cheese, crab meat, sugar, and salt in a bowl. Stir to blend well. Place about 1 tablespoon of the cream cheese filling in the middle of a wonton wrapper. Dab some egg on the outer edges of the wonton wrapper and fold the four corners to meet in the center and pinch the sides closed to prevent the filling from leaking out in your oil.

Use a deep-fryer or heat up a pot of oil for deep-frying and fry the crab rangoon until golden brown. (I used a small deep fryer and set the temperature at about 375 degrees.) Dish out with a strainer or slotted spoon, draining the excess oil by placing the crab rangoon on a wire rack.

Cook’s Notes:

Don’t serve the crab rangoon immediately after deep-frying as the filling will be too hot! Let the crab rangoons cool down a bit before serving them with sweet and sour sauce.


Letting Go of Grumps and Making Positives Instead

This morning, my loving fluff of a chow chow woke me out of a dead sleep not once, but twice. I was frustrated. Both times, I could’ve slept longer and peacefully uninterrupted if it wasn’t for her alarming “AWOOOWOOOWOOOWOOOOFFF!!!”

Rather than being grumpy about it or yelling at the dog… I chose to relax knowing that if it had been an intruder, my faithful companion had my back. For that, I am thankful!

Gizmo is super soft and cuddly. She is good company when my husband is gone, and still, when he is here. Most of the time when I look at her and she sees me looking at her, she wags her tail and smiles at me.

I’ve never seen a dog that really smiles like she does. Like seriously, I think my dog has duchesne smiles. Her little ears move and her eyes squint (there’s probably wrinkles and creases at the corners of her eyes under all of that fluff).

Gizmo Happy

I think she looks happy in this pic (but this is not one of her smiles, I will have to capture some of them at some point).

A Different Style Leather Wallet

This Ultra Slim Bifold Leather Wallet is different than any other wallet I’ve ever seen.


It is quite stylish. It has slots in each side for you to put your debit, credit, and gift cards in. When you are ready to use one of your cards, you pull the tab on the outside of the wallet and your cards slide out. The inside of the wallet has not pockets, but instead, there is a flexible money clip that holds paper money in place.

The wallet came presented in a nice black gift box and wrapped in white tissue paper. I think the tissue paper could’ve been skipped. The wallet is made of black leather with black stitching. The leather is thick but soft to the touch. It is embossed on the front with the brand logo. One pull-tab has red ribbon, while the other is black, and each has a black leather tab on the end.

The wallet that I received had quite a few scuff marks on the back and some on the inside of the wallet, which is not what I would expect when getting a new item and one that was packed so well.

Overall, I like the design of this wallet. It is nice.

Disclaimer: I received this wallet for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. I did not receive any other compensation.

SoundFit Plus Bluetooth Speaker: This Speaker Slays!

The AYL SoundFit Plus is on my Summer Checklist for sure! It is a solid bluetooth speaker great for listening to my favorite music! It came nicely and protectively packaged in a colorful, descriptive, and informative box. This speaker came with a micro-USB charging cable, and a user manual. The speaker is IP65 rated which means it is dust proof and can handle low pressure water jets (although I don’t intend to put mine in the bathtub). It features a 10 watt amp with two full range drivers on the front and a passive radiator on the rear for extra bass. The entire speaker is coated in silicone and has a thick, silicone carry handle.

There are four buttons on the top of the speaker which include power (also used for pairing), lower volume (also skip back), play/pause (also used for answer/end) and volume up/skip forward. I found I had to push down pretty hard and hold it to power on the speaker. It’s a little harder to push the buttons than I thought it would be perhaps because of the silicone. There is a threaded mount on the bottom of the speaker for putting the speaker on a tripod, or mounting it on handlebars, etc. On the right side of the speaker is the micro-USB charging port and 3.5mm audio in jack which are hidden under a large silicone flap. I wasn’t able to get the flap to seal again after I pulled it open so I wouldn’t want to drop this in the water now (for me that doesn’t change much because even if something is waterproof, it doesn’t mean I want to get it wet, especially when it comes to electronics. Just sayin’.) It is something to be aware of and hopefully something the company may address in the future if this speaker being waterproof is really important.

The speaker also has a light on the front which is helpful to show it’s on/off/pairing status. It also plays tones at power on and power off. Pairing with the speaker is quick and easy and the speaker can remember multiple devices.

This speaker is convenient to use. It has a 12 hour battery life and 3 hour charge rating. It has great sound quality and gets quite loud. My family and I have really enjoyed using it lately, especially sitting outside listening to music and enjoying the summer weather and campfires. It would also be great to bring to the beach. For the price (especially on sale and with Prime shipping), I think it’s a great deal!!

Overall I am very happy with this speaker and with the sound quality, output, battery life, and durability of this speaker. (It’s taken a couple of drops like nothing and still works fine). It also comes with a lifetime warranty! I would highly recommend this Bluetooth speaker for music lovers and beach-goers. It is highly portable and great for listening to music anywhere!!!

Disclaimer: I received this Bluetooth speaker for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. I did not receive any other compensation.

My Dogs are Wild about Wyldlife Bully Sticks and Beef Tendons

I’m not sure who was more excited about these Wyldlife Bully Sticks & Beef Tendons Combo Pack, me or my dogs. Upon further thought, I might have to say my Pekingese, Gremlin, actually was the most excited. When I started opening the box, it was hard to tell he is a senior dog. He stood up and sat on his back legs patiently while I finished opening the dogs and package to give him a bully stick.

Gremlin begging for bully

He and my Chow, Gizmo, each happily chewed away on a bully stick. Despite chewing vigorously on them for about an hour, most of the sticks still remained.
The sticks had a slight smell, which was just noticeable when taking them out of the package.

gremlin sniffing beef tendon

The Beef Tendons smelled a little like pork rinds. I gave a beef tendon to Gremlin and Gizmo. Gizmo took it and just laid it next to her (she takes a little while to warm up to new foods and treats at times). Gremlin chewed away and ate his beef tendon as quickly as he could get it down which took him about an hour. It might’ve been a little much for his digestive track, so next time, I would probably take it away after he ate about half.

When visiting family, we also shared the bully sticks with the family dogs (a lab and boxer). They loved them as well, the boxer chewed on it and strutted around the house with it proudly. The lab laid down and chewed like crazy; she was able to destroy a bully stick in about 10 to 15 minutes (she is a vigorous chewer and destroys even guaranteed indestructible toys…)

I felt good about feeding these all natural pet chews to my dogs, and they all were very pleased with them. I also liked that they were a long-lasting, one-size-fits-all treat for the dogs. I also like that they are made from animal parts that otherwise would be wasted. For these reasons, I would highly recommend Wyldlife Bully Sticks and Beef Tendons!

Disclaimer: I received the Wyldlife Bully Sticks and Beef Tendons combo pack at a discount in exchange for my honest, and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. I did not receive any other compensation.

Pain Away Essential Oil for Pain Relief

Since being in a car accident a few years ago, I have pain in my neck and shoulder area. Some days it is worse than others. I’ve tried stretching; I was told it was my trapezius but it is hard to get a good stretch. I’ve tried heating pads, over the counter medications, and icy hot. None of it really works for very long…

I received Pain Away recently, and admittedly, I was very skeptical that it would do anything. It came beautifully packaged and presented like a gift.

I tried it out on my trapezius. My husband also often has back pain related to his military service. After use, we both felt a bit better. I didn’t mind the scent, but my husband didn’t like the scent. Strangely, it didn’t bother him on his back, but he complained a little about the scent when I used it. It felt soothing and calming without feeling hot, numbing or tingling.

Based on my experience, I would recommend trying this organic product for pain relief.

Disclaimer: I received this oil for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. I did not receive any other compensation.