Another Snake to go down in history in Maine

About a week ago, I saw the first report about a large snake sighting in Westbrook, Maine. This is noteworthy because large snakes are not native to Maine. We also have some very cold winters that helps to keep things that way.

My family has exotic animals and used to have some snakes so I’ve handled some snakes before. I’m not a big fan of snakes. I don’t want one either, but I can touch and hold them without freaking out… but anyways…

The initial report says how a concerned person called in a report of a snake “about the length of a car and with a head the size of a soccer ball.” I have never seen one with a head like that, wow! (Yes, something tells you this person probably had a significant fear of snakes.) The story was later changed to a small ball.

I thought this might be a snake that some people might like to see. Since my brother lives in the area, I joked how maybe he could swing by and pick her up after work. (Being a part of a family with a zoo, you know how traveling to visit family sometimes goes along with strange errands of picking up and delivering animals, feed, or supplies.) Also, it was funny to me because my brother isn’t always keen on all of the animals, especially when we had snakes…

Move ahead to now, after about a week, the  Westbrook police have sighted this snake. It was said to be eating a “large mammal” at about 3:30am this morning. The large mammal was said to possibly be a beaver. Now, I’m wondering, since when was a beaver a large mammal?!

I can see the headlines “Monster Snake Eats Beaver, Westbrook Police Keep Watch” which can only be made better by this picture:

How long will “Wessie,” as the snake has been named, be on the loose? How many beavers will this snake take down? Will we see this on an episode of North Woods Law? Hopefully, this doesn’t end up like the “Mean” cow incident in Auburn last week. And, if it doesn’t, will Wessie take less bullets than Bessie? (Still hard to believe that the cow kicked open the trailer door to escape on the ride to the slaughterhouse only to get 10 or 15 rounds from police in a lot filled with oxygen and propane tanks.)


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