Summertime in Maine Means More Iced Coffee

Summertime in Maine brings hot, humid weather. With that, I find myself drinking more iced coffee. Don’t get me wrong though, I do drink iced coffee year-round, which is one reason why I love the Willow and Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker that I got recently.

It makes brewing your own iced coffee at home very easy. You just load the filter with coffee (preferable course). I didn’t have course ground coffee, so I used standard ground coffee, to test it out the first time. It still came out very good and the grinds didn’t slip through the filter on me.

I had a little spillage when I put the filter in the pitcher, but that was kind of my fault, oops. (I was excited and I wanted it filled to capacity). I think the directions could be a little clearer to help first time users.

The pitcher is a good size (32 oz) and can fit even in the door of a mini fridge. This would make it a great gift for students heading off to college. It takes minimal effort to make coffee, which means if you just fill it each day, you can wake up to fresh coffee the following day. Woot!

The worst thing about this Cold Brew Coffee Maker is that you have to wait a bit for the coffee (18-24 hours), BUT when it’s ready, it is absolutely worth the wait!! Yes, this cold brew coffee maker is seriously awesome!! It cleans up easily. A twin pack or a larger option would be cool too, that way one for home and one for work, or one for you and your friend, etc.

Based on my experience, I would highly recommend this cold brew coffee maker!

Disclaimer: I received this cold brew coffee maker at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. I did not receive any other compensation.


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