Growing Our First Garden Together

This past weekend, Steve and I planted our very first garden. I have helped pick vegetables in family gardens, but have yet to grow my own from start to finish. This year, I decided to just do it. We made a trip to Home Depot with my in-laws, and they happened to have seedlings on sale, so it worked out great!

I chose Boston Pickling Cucumbers. I prefer the taste and texture of pickling cucumbers and I thought with Boston in the name, it might be a hearty variety to grow in Maine with similar temperatures. I got some herbs which I will plant in a window box (Spearmint, Dill, Oregano, and Basil). I got 2 heirlooms and a black beauty tomato plant which I planted in buckets and placed on the deck. For the garden, I got a flat of Bibb Lettuce (12), the 2 cucumber plants, and a zucchini, and summer squash seedlings.

I’ve been watering and admiring them, and over the last few days, I’ve seen a significant difference in each plant’s growth. I’m pretty excited! I really the veggies do well and pests and critters don’t demolish them as they get bigger.


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