Spring Means More Playing Outside

I was going through some of the files on my computer and I came across this lovely video of my pups. Gizmo our Chow was just a little fluffball then! Gremlin was younger too of course and they were just getting to know and love each other.

Earlier today, I spent some time outside playing with the dogs and some tennis balls. I’m so glad it has stopped raining and the ground has dried up enough so we can play without getting muddy. The lawn is starting to get green too! I can’t wait for summer! I’m looking forward to having bbqs, playing cornhole, and having fires!

There’s about another month of classes left for this semester. I won’t be teaching any courses this summer as there are limited offerings in the summer, and I don’t have enough seniority to get a spot yet. It looks like there are a lot of options for the fall though and I have some decisions to make on that…

My husband and father-in-law have put some meat in the smoker for today – pork and brisket. I hope it comes out good! It seems they put a lot of love in it, so it should. Apple wood, garlic cloves, a couple of special rubs, and homemade bbq sauce.


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