Easter with Family

Wow, today was exhausting! I helped hide Easter Eggs for my niece Samantha (4), and nephews Owen (8), and Aaron (2). Due to some unfortunate circumstances, this was my first time that I was able to meet Aaron. What a little ham! I still can’t believe how big Owen is getting; he was just a little baby at my wedding! And Samantha is just a doll!


For a time, I worked in a preschool classroom. I really think around 4 or 5 is my favorite age. Kids seem to really be excited about so much around that age and they just say some of the “darndest”, funniest things.

Aaron got a little orange monster truck from the Easter Bunny. He was so proud of it.


Aaron spent some time snuggling with his mom. I snuck in a pic of him leaning on the ottoman nestled against his mom.


Samantha had fun playing with play-dough, Autumn the papillon, and bubbles. She happily posed for some pictures and made me a meal out of play-dough. She showed me her missing two front teeth. I asked her “will they grow back?” She looked puzzled and shrugged.


I enjoyed watching the kids play with bubbles. There is something simple and beautiful about blowing bubbles and watching them float away. Owen doesn’t seem to smile as much as he used to… this brought a smile to his face which was really nice to see.


It was a lovely Easter this year. It was a little different this year spending it with my in-laws and having a turkey dinner, but it was wonderful. I took a ton of pictures! Unfortunately, my husband has caught a cold and it’s been a long day so I think it will be an early bedtime tonight. I am looking forward to visiting with these kiddos again soon!


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