Hello iPhone 6s and Brightpaw


I recently said “good riddance” to my Samsung Galaxy S5 and “hello beautiful” to an Apple iPhone 6s. I seriously missed having an iPhone. I like the clean, crisp design of iOS. In my experience, the apps in iOS have been more reliable and stable than those I used on Android as well.

Touch ID and Fingerprint Scanner

The iPhone 6s has a fingerprint scanner but I had read some mixed reviews about how reliable it was. I have to say I love the fingerprint scanner feature, or alternative login with a short code. It has worked 100% of the time for me without any issue! It gives me greater peace of mind. Much of my information was stolen in a government data breach, so security has become even more important to me. Overall, I feel more secure with an iPhone.


I also like having my music at my fingertips again in iTunes. I have been listening to my music library while walking on the treadmill. I will definitely appreciate blasting my own playlists in the car as I will be visiting family next weekend which makes that 2 hour drive a bit better.


I have played around with one of the apps “Garage Band”. It’s so much fun to use and make music with different instruments and beats! In switching phones, I forgot about some of the stuff I had on my old phone, oops. Most of it wasn’t really important.

One thing that I realized a little late was that I forgot to remove the mobile authenticator from my Battle.Net account to be able to login to World of Warcraft. (Yes, I play WoW, and I’m not ashamed! LoL) I had the urge to play World of Warcraft but couldn’t login because it asked for a code that I could no longer provide, so I had to contact their customer support.

I was super impressed with Blizzard’s Customer Service and I loved that they offered chat support. Not only did the representative quickly resolve my issue. Apparently, I was also feeling a bit daring, because when the representative asked if they could help with anything else, I said maybe they could help with WoW stuff LoL JK (JK sort of…). My response was a bit bold for me, but to my surprise I was awarded with my choice of an in-game pet. I chose this little guy, Brightpaw. (The rep was clear that it was not awarded because I asked but because I have been a dedicated player, etc).


(Image Source: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/128424)

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Apple, Blizzard Entertainment or World of Warcraft, I am merely a fan and avid player šŸ™‚


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