Reefer Madness

My husband and I went to see a musical called Reefer Madness. It was based on a 1936 film which served as propaganda warning of the dangers of cannabis. It used scare tactics to basically say that smoking marijuana will turn you into a complete monster – one who will accept being physically beaten, who will have lower morals to get some weed to the point of resorting to cannibalism due to the munchies, and selling their own baby to get some dope.

The show quickly grabbed our attention at the very beginning when the characters marched down the aisles singing “Reefer Madness” with contorting zombie movements.  Throughout the show, there was truly beautiful singing and some pretty good group dance scenes. I was so happy that my husband went to the show with me and we both had a great time. Steve totally admitted that he enjoyed it too!!


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