#IWillSmileTodayBecause Being in the Present is Good Today #FridayFeeling

I will smile today because I can recognize that today is good. Each day is good, really, but some days it is harder to see. Today, my husband and I ran some errands very successfully. It made me smile when Steve asked me “Did you notice, I’m being really flexible today with my plans? …I’m semper gumby.”

Today, we were able to be flexible with our plans and enjoyed an unexpected, unplanned breakfast at Ihop today and (read: AND!) navigated the grocery store without a lot of anxiety. We went early and made our stops pretty quick which may have helped. It felt great. It’s the simple things.

Tonight, we are going to see a musical. I hope that it goes as well. There has been a lot of stress in our house lately and we all need a break and night out. I love theater and I am really looking forward to it! I am making spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread for supper, I know Steve is really looking forward to that (his fave). We forgot the salad mix at the store, oops. Ah well, Steve and I have been really focused on eating better lately and have opted for more veggies and salads lately.

As a Catholic, I am not really supposed to eat meat on fridays, but it seems that every friday we end up having meat lately. I guess there are many worse things. I guess I will pray a little more. I actually took my rosary out of my car today with the idea that I will start using it more.

I may be rationalizing this meat-eating on a Lenten Friday, but I guess it is what it is. I am on the other hand making a considerable amount of progress on some of my other goals. I have been eating healthier, exercising a little more, and working through a lot of challenges with myself and with my relationships. Times have been more difficult lately, and there were moments that I wasn’t sure how Steve and I would make it through them. It hasn’t always been pretty, but we continue to support each other, working on ourselves, having courage and compassion, and ultimately greater connection. It’s a great #FridayFeeling 🙂



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