Finding My #MondayMotivation Mid-day

It’s mid-day already, and I’m just finding my #MondayMotivation to get going. It turned off chilly again after a weekend of warmer temps and melting snow. It feels like one of those days that I could just cocoon in my warm blanket for much of the day, but I have to get some stuff done. Maybe I’ll make the rounds with the vacuum cleaner and suck up the “Gizmo’s” (our chow chow is awesomely fluffy and cute, but she sheds little puffs around the house that we call Gizmos which means lots of vacuuming to keep up with it)

We don’t often see red fox, so I was pretty excited to be able to capture a shot of this guy in our backyard last week.

I was surprised to see this fox today in the backyard. #mainelife #wildlife

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I’ve been doing a lot of loom knitting lately. I recently finished this owl. Next time, I will definitely double up on the yarn because the stuffing is visible. I think I could adjust the pattern a little and easily make it into a penguin.

I made an owl #loomknitting

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I started on a bicolor brioche knit scarf in dark gray heather, and cottage green (seems teal to me).

I got about 3/4 of it done, and I ran out of the gray yarn… of course. So, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to find another skein that will match. It’d be great if Marden’s had some more, but as the saying goes, “I should’ve bought it, when I saw it, at Marden’s”. When they have a good deal, it doesn’t last long.

It was school vacation last week, so I had some extra downtime. Other than knitting, I’ve been playing guitar. I traded in some games that I beat or didn’t play anymore and put the funds towards more new #Rocksmith2014 songs. I added some Bush, Creed, and Sister Hazel.

It was really frustrating at times to not be able to just play strings at the right time, or get my fingers to bend into the right shapes for the chords. It seemed like maybe I just couldn’t do it, maybe I wouldn’t be able to… maybe my hands weren’t the right size? and how can I make the chord shape, if I can’t tell which come next? Rocksmith 2014 has a feature that allows me to select sections of a song and slow it down. It then rewinds and I can play that section again through Rift Repeater. After I feel more confident with it, I can return to play the whole song. I love how video-games have become more accessible and intelligent so that they can reach a wider audience and to allow each audience member to experience success!


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