Gratitude Lately

I am thankful for my awesome hair stylist who gave me a nice layered cut and more dark purple in my hair yesterday. It gave me a little extra confidence when I met my new class. I enjoy meeting new people, but I get a bit anxious. I feel a lot of pressure to do well and I worry that I will not measure up somehow. I printed a few papers and decided that the best thing to do before class would be to take some extra me-time. I got out my guitar which I restrung recently, thanks to my sweet hubby who ordered these neat neon #drstrings for me. I played some Sweet Home Alabama, House of the Rising Sun, and Incubus. There used to be parts where it seemed like the notes were arriving too soon to tell what they were, nevermind trying to get my fingers to move into the right positions.  Although, I can’t play those songs from start to finish, I’m getting closer. I can definitely see progress and I’m glad I haven’t given up.


I think it helped. Class went well. (And I am so thankful for that!) I used the same icebreaker as I did earlier this semester. It was funny, I thought all of the students were paying attention but it turned out that a couple had tuned out so they weren’t able to list any of the items for the first time around. At the end, I shared a little about myself using the items in the bag as a starting point. Then I asked each student to share something about themselves. I said that it could be as simple as why you are taking the class or how it will help with their goals or what they are majoring in. I listened as each student shared some interesting and personal things about themselves. I was really impressed. I was thankful for their courage in what they chose to share. I left class feeling like maybe, I am starting to get the hang of this.

I am thankful for more snow. Earlier this week it was about in the 50s and the lawn was getting to be a bit of a mud patch, typical of spring weather. Today, I had to reschedule my research interview because we got 6 inches of snow. [They say “If you don’t like the weather in Maine, just wait a minute”. …no idea who “they” are… but it has been so true lately).

I was thankful to find some great deals this week! I got some great deals on produce at a local asian market. I had no idea what a Pomelo was, but a quick google search turned up that it was a citrus fruit with a grapefruit-like flavor. There were bags of two; I picked them up and was examining them closely with one in each hand. I lowered them a bit slowly and teetered them a little side to side as I debated “should I get them or should I not…” Right about then I looked up to see a man across the way kind of chuckling to himself and it occurred to me that it may have looked like I was in a scene from an Austin Powers movie. I quickly added the fruit to my cart and continued on my way… The fruit turned out to be delicious, by the way, like a sweeter grapefruit.

Despite a couple of stressful moments, I really enjoyed cooking this week. I was thankful for the curious Italian food section at the asian market. I chose some pappardelle noodles which turned out absolutely scrumptious with a homemade meat sauce.

I was also thankful that despite catching dinner on fire one night… yes, you read that right, ON FIRE! I decided to make Coquilles Saint Jacques for the first time. I had spent a good solid couple of hours in the kitchen working on the meal. I filled the little crocks with scallops, prepared the sauce, the whole nine yards… topped them off with the breadcrumb topping and put it under the broiler. It was looking perfect until I peeked into the oven to check and one of the crocks ignited, by the time I grabbed a set of potholders, they all were ablaze. (Holy hell, that’s a first for me!) I pulled the pan out and was able to blow them out. I couldn’t believe it, it was all perfect until then… but luckily I was able to scoop out the little burnt bit of breadcrumb and everything else was totally fine and it was delicious! I was super thankful for that. (I think my dishes were just a little too close to the broiler… ooopsies. Lesson learned.).


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